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Development Model 

Elite hockey is a significant commitment. But we also recognize the obligations our players have outside of the game to school, family and much more. That is why we have adopted a Development Practice Model. The location for the weekend practice varies, but has traditionally alternated between Charlotte, Greensboro, Hillsborough and Raleigh, North Carolina as well as Greenville and Charleston, South Carolina. We will conduct weekday skill development practices in Charlotte at Bojangles Coliseum. 


Why the development model? 

The answer is two-fold: 

  1. It allows us to draw top level talent including coaches from a broader geographic area. 
  2. Our players get to focus during the week on schoolwork, tests and other obligations. They can then spend the weekend completely focused on hockey and team bonding and cohesiveness. 


Weekday and Weekend practices 

  • 80-85 hours of practice 
  • Off ice training 
  • Nutrition 
  • Video sessions 
  • Team building 
  • Much more 


Exhibition, Tournament and Game Locations 

Depending on travel and health restrictions here are some of the but not limited to projected destinations for the upcoming season. Nashville, Raleigh, Virginia, Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania
Tournament locations are at times age specific, Jr. Checkers scheduler works to fit the teams in the best developmental environment and experience for that team. The association does its best to schedule all age groups to the same tournament for family convenience. 


Whole Player Approach 

In order to develop better hockey players, the Jr. Checkers recognize that we must also understand our players are humans. And we want them to be good ones. The organization’s core values of Respect, Discipline, and Team are consistently reinforced both on and off the ice. Players must adhere to strict guidelines related to team attire, schedules, curfews and behavioral expectations. Players also understand that issues outside of hockey, such as performance at school or discipline problems, will have an impact on their ability to participate on the team. 

Beyond that, coaches are expected to be in regular contact with their players to ensure they are having a meaningful Jr. Checkers experience. Coaches will also provide parents with updates on their player’s development and things they can do to support their continued growth. 

Please contact one of our Directors, they would love to share their season plan, development philosophies, program costs and details with you. 

Director of Squirts                         Director of AAA Peewees                   Director of Bantams

Ryan Cruthers                               Mark Tagg                                         Zac Houle                      


Jr Checkers are very excited to announce that Mark Tagg has been promoted to Director of Pee Wee Hockey Operations for the Jr. Checkers Tier 1 Program.

Mark will also serve as Head coach for both 2008 and 2009 Pee Wee Tier 1 team(s). Dan Predhomme will serve as an assistant coach.

Jr.Checkers Pee Wee Tier 1 Program Update/Team Formation

Due to North Carolina staying in Phase 2, CAHA is not allowing on ice tryouts at this time. If you are interested in playing Tier 1 hockey at the 2008 and 2009 birth years please contact our Director of Pee Wee Hockey, 

   Mark Tagg


Please provide Mark with the following information








If you had previously registered through the tryout link, Mark will contact you directly.

As per CAHA bylaws Jr. Checkers will commence the process of securing commitments for our Pee Wee program starting July 24th, 2020, It is our intent to create Tier 1 birth year teams at 2008 and 2009 however we reserve the right to create mixed birth year team(s). 

We are currently organizing a Pee Wee on ice camp.This camp will serve as preview of what our on ice practice sessions look like, we will conduct parent information meetings to discuss our program intentions for the 20-21 season, what our development philosophies and pollicies will be moving forward during this pandemic. 

Please reach out to Mark Tagg as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the rink soon.